Microwave Dehumidifier

MW Dehumidifier

EcoPro Microwave Dehumidifier is a product that has been developed as a sequel to EcoPro Microwave VOC incinerator. When contaminated air is removed from for example a paint shop for cleaning, there is a need for replacement air. Depending on the surrounding environment the incoming air needs to be set to the correct humidity level and the Ecopro Microwave Dehumidifier is designed to lower the level of humidity in the areas where the air is too humid to allow the paint to dry properly inside the paint shop.

The technology used in this application is pretty much similar to that used in EcoPro Microwave VOC incinerators. In this case only instead of VOC's, the humidity is collected to the rotor of the machine and then released by microwave technology and thereafter led to outside air. The main benefit of this solution is lower energy consumption and therefore lower running costs.

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