Crossflow ECO-CTO incinerators

Crossflow ECO-CTO incinerators

EcoPro Crossflow ECO-CTO incinerator is a product that can be used in cases where the emission requirements are extremely low and where the direction change of RCO will create emissions so high that it is not possible to use that technology. ECO-CTO has a Crossflow catalyst (same as in EcoPro's Crossflow VOC incinerator), which means that the amount of catalysts can be reduced significantly compared to traditional granule or honeycomb catalysts.

This solution will provide the benefit of lower reaction temperature (180 ~ 400 ℃) compared to straight thermal oxidation thus lowering the running cost and avoiding formation of NOx. It is possible to fully oxidize VOCs (more than 99%) with catalysts. Whereas, some high-boiling compounds are incompletely burned even in direct combustion at 800 ~ 850 ℃. 

By using recuperative heat exchange, the air flow can continue and no direction change is needed. Heat recovery after the oxidation process is in most cases recommended due to properties of the recuperative heat exchanger.

In the last slide of the below presentation there is an optional solution for lowering the running costs. This is done by adding into the system German adsorption technology company Silica’s SilVOC technology, which is used to concentrate part of the incoming VOC flow. Then the concentrated VOC’s are used as fuel to process to reduce or remove the need for external fuel and the cost of it.
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